Hjälp med MyMoodle

Help with MyMoodle

There are several ways to get help using MyMoodle.

Built-in help for MyMoodle

GuiderDown in the right hand corner of MyMoodle you will always find Guides, a built-in help system that is contextual. That is, depending on where you are in MyMoodle (for example, in a course) and what role you have, you will see guides for different things you can do.

On some pages you'll see this symbol. You can click it to start a guide right away. direktguide


ServiceportalenLinné University Service Portal contains support material for most of our systems, including MyMoodle, LnuPlay and Zoom. Go to http://serviceportalen.lnu.se


MoodeDocsMoodleDocs is Moodles own support system. It is contextual and depends on where in MyMoodle you are and what role you have. It is visible only to those who have permissions to administer the page or activity, usually only the course managers, teachers and administrators. 

Last modified: Friday, 24 August 2018, 1:20 PM