Mathematics and Modelling, Master Programme 120 credits

Welcome to Linnaeus University 

This information is for students accepted to one of the three specializations (Algebra with Cryptography and Coding, Analysis and Mathematical Physics, or Mathematical Statistics and Financial Mathematics) on the master programme in Mathematics and Modelling, at the Faculty of Technology.

Introduction meeting

The introduction meeting for the programme will be held on Monday, August 31, at 9:15 in room D1172.  At this meeting you claim your position on the programme.  Please notify me by e-mail (see address below) if you cannot attend this meeting, since otherwise you may lose your admission to the programme.  

Due to the Covid-19 disease, this meeting will also be possible to follow online at

The starting time for the online meeting is also Monday, August 31 at 9:15 (local time, which is in the (GMT+2:00) Stockholm time zone).

As a newly admitted student, we know that you probably have many questions related to the corona virus and the disease Covid-19, and how the current situation will affect your studies at Linnaeus University. Its development is difficult to predict as well as its effects on the fall semester. Swedish authorities are following the spread of the corona virus very carefully, but as of now, we cannot predict what the situation will be like in fall 2020.

But no matter what, no programme courses during the fall will be cancelled due to the Covid-19 disease.  We are planning to give the lectures in the way we use to do, i.e., as campus courses (if this is possible to do so with respect to stated recommendations of the Public Heath Care Agency in Sweden), but with a possible option to follow the lectures online via video conference system (Zoom), or by viewing recorded material in the course's digital classroom (MyMoodle).

Introduction Meetings for the first courses

Depending on which specialization of the programme that you follow, you will have the following introduction meetings on the courses during the first week:

4MA401 Analytic Functions (all specializations)

Monday August 31, 13:15-15:00, in room B1009

Teacher: Joachim Toft  (

4MA421 Algebraic Structures II (only for Algebra with Cryptography and Coding, and Analysis and Mathematical Physics)

Thursday September 3, 13:15-15:00, in room D0036

Teacher: Per-Anders Svensson (

4MA451 Multivariate Analysis (only for Mathematical Statistics and Financial Mathematics)

Tuesday September 1, 08:15-10:00, in room D0073

Teacher: Roger Pettersson (

Information for new students

There is a checklist for new students available at  Here you will among other things find information about how to get yourself a student account.  If you are an international student, please read the Guide for international students available on this web page.

If for extraordinary reasons, you cannot make it to the programme start on campus, it is important that you start studying online in your digital classroom from day one.

Further information

For more information about the programme please contact the coordinator of the programme, Per-Anders Svensson:

Telephone: +46470708114

Linnaeus University: +46772288000

Best Regards

Per-Anders Svensson

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