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Welcome to Linnaeus University 

This information is for students accepted to the Master Program in Physics - Application code LNU-F1067 or 05996 (distance) at the Faculty of Technology.

Introduction to the program

Welcome to the Department of Physics and Electrical Engineering and to the Master program in physics

My name is Carlo Canali and I am the director of the Master Program in Physics at LNU, two years. I am pleased to welcome you as a student of our master program and I wish you a fruitful and pleasant stay in Sweden at Linnaeus University.

Registration for the program

The introductory meeting for the program is going to take place on:

Tuesday, 30 August 2022 starting at 10.15

Place: room Ma348, on the third floor of the LNU building Magna, Pedelstråket 11, Kalmar.

Distance students will able to participate in the introductory meeting via zoom. A zoom link will be available a few days before the introductory meeting in the Mymoodle virtual room of the course that all admitted students will be able to access. 

Participation in this meeting is compulsory. At this meeting you will confirm your place in the program. Notify me by e-mail if you cannot attend the meeting, otherwise you may lose your admission to the program.

General structure of the master program in physics

In the first year you will take four courses each semester. The second year is dedicated to a few more elective courses, preparing you for your master thesis, and your thesis project. Alternatively, your second year can be entirely devoted to your thesis project. Areas where the research project can be carried out are: condensed matter physics/nanophysics; elementary particle astrophysics; statistical mechanics.

Information on the first two courses starting in September:

Mathematical methods for physics, 4FY520

Introductory meeting: Date & time: to be announced 

Place: room Ma348, on the third floor of the LNU building Magna, Pedelstråket 11, Kalmar

It will be possible to follow the meeting on the Internet.

Teacher: to be announced

Computational Physics I, 2FY512

Introductory meeting: date and time to be announced.

Place: to be announced

It will be possible to follow the meeting on the Internet.

Teacher: Magnus Paulsson (

Prepare yourself

It is very important that you arrive well prepared at the start of your master studies. I recommend you to review the material of the courses in mathematics and physics that you have taken in your bachelor program, particularly multidimensional calculus, linear algebra, differential equations, general physics (mechanics, electromagnetism, wave phenomena) and elementary quantum mechanics.

Information Please visit:

Syllabi/ Literature  Please visit: Course and programme syllabi

Information on distance courses

All the courses of the program can be followed  "live"  via the Internet, by using the learning platform Zoom. A Zoom link will be send out to the students later. (The students will not need to download any program.)

In order to do this, students must have a computer and an internet connection that is suitable for audio and video conferencing, a headset for sound quality and a web camera for enabling visual communication. It is important that the distance students follow the lectures “live” through our e-learning platform (Zoom) as well as use a headset and not the built-in microphones and speakers of their computer. A typical headset diminishes the echo, improving considerably the quality of our communication.

Important: Campus students are strongly encouraged to attend the courses in person, and use the "distance version" only when they cannot do otherwise!

Contact us

Please contact us if you have any questions or thoughts on your studies.

If your questions are about the physics master program, you can contact me by email: or by phone +46 (0)480-446995.

You can also contact one of our academic administrators at the Faculty by email or phone +46 (0)772-28 80 00.

Best Regards

Carlo Canali




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